Criterion’s fully certified and licensed field staff can perform surveys for asbestos containing materials to achieve AHERA compliance, pre-demolition and renovation permits.  Whether your concern is US EPA NESHAPS, AHERA or State or local requirements, Criterion can help.

Criterion’s Services include:

Air Monitoring

during asbestos abatement, for air quality data in areas where asbestos is present and personnel air monitoring for OSHA compliance.

Facility Inspections

for asbestos-containing materials.  Asbestos inspections can be performed for AHERA (schools) compliance, pre-demolition and renovation purposes (e.g., local building permits), real estate transactions and occupant concerns.  Criterion’s asbestos Inspectors are fully qualified to assess material conditions and recommend appropriate corrective action.

Abatement Design

Criterion’s Field Services Staff can design your abatement project with an AHERA-certified Project Designer.  We can also perform appropriate regulatory authority notifications.

Don't see the service you need?

Criterion's extensive laboratory and field capabilities make it possible for us to perform many additional services not listed here. Let us know what you need, and we can help.