Legionella testing laboratory legionnaire's testing in drinking water

Legionella and Legionellosis

Legionella bacteria can lead to legionellosis and is commonly found in water, including potable drinking water systems. Legionella bacteria can multiply in water systems. Aerosolized legionella that is inhaled can lead to infections and pneumonia. Regular testing for Legionella can prevent outbreaks of deadly Legionnaire’s Disease (LD). In fact, the CDC claims that 90% of LD outbreaks could be prevented with an improved water management plan.

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Legionella Laboratory Services

Criterion is a leading provider of Legionella water testing. Criterion’s Legionella Laboratory is part of the CDC ELITE Program. We can quantify 16 serotypes for Legionella pneumophila and many other species of Legionella.

Criterion’s laboratory is accredited, fast and responsive.

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qPCR Legionella Testing

Criterion offers qPCR Legionella testing and Legionnaire testing with fast results! 24-hour turnaround is available.

Traditional Legionella Analysis

Criterion offers traditional Legionella analysis using plate cultures. Our lab participates in the CDC ELITE Program for the analysis of Legionella bacteria in drinking water. Click this link to see the CDC ELITE Member List.

Legionella bacteria causes infections that vary in severity from mild illnesses to potentially-fatal Legionnaires’ disease. Information about Legionella bacteria, Legionnaire’s, and Legionellosis is provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). Click here to view the WHO Fact Sheet.

Legionella Environmental Assessment and Sampling Plan

Call Criterion for information about an environmental assessment to identify areas with increased risk of Legionella growth and spread.

Criterion can also develop a CDC Sampling Procedure and sampling plan that fits your entire building water system.

Visit the CDC’s web page for more information.