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Criterion’s microbiology lab performs microbiology tests. Call our microbiology laboratory for more information:

(215) 244-1300

Our microbiology lab is ELITE certified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the analysis of Legionella bacteria.  We can quantitatively determine 16 serotypes for Legionella pneumophila and many other species of Legionella.  Criterion’s Field Service technicians will collect the appropriate samples or we can provide sampling supplies and guidance to collect your own samples. Click to see our Mold Inspection Services.

Criterion’s microbiology laboratories develop water management plans to ASHRAE, CDC and Veterans Administration Standards. We assist with plans and regular updates.

Our microbiology lab offers microbiology tests for airborne, waterborne or surface samples:

  • Air and Surface sample analysis for Fungi (Mold) including identification to species levels for Aspergillus, Stachybotrys and many others
  • Surface, Air & Water sample analysis for Ecoli, total coliform
  • Surface, Air & Water sample analysis for Bacterial – gram positive, negative heterotrophic plate counts
  • Air and Surface sampling for endotoxins
  • Air and Surface sampling for Allergens
  • Air sampling for Bioaerosols

Criterion’s microbiology laboratories can assist in USP <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Preparations.  We can perform Air Quality Testing of the direct compounding area to minimize surface contamination and maintain the appropriate ISO Class air quality.

  • Continuous pressure differential monitoring
  • Develop appropriate environmental sampling plan and/or perform the environmental sampling plan.  Impact samplers are used with growth medium appropriate for bacteria and fungi

If you perform your own sampling, Criterion’s microbiology laboratory can provide you with the sampling equipment and media.

Visit the EPA’s website on Mold & Microbiology for more information about microbiology tests.

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