Criterion offers a Standard and Advanced Drinking Water Test. You will receive a concise report within 7 days of sample delivery. Please call for rush processing or additional analyses!

(215) 244-1300

Criterion’s Drinking Water Test: $169 ($199 Shipped)
Tests for Total Coliform, pH, Nitrates/Nitrites, Chloride, Turbidity, Metals (Pb, Cu, Mn, As, Ba, Be, Cd, Cr, Se, Ag)

Criterion’s Advanced Drinking Water Test: $369 ($399 Shipped)
Tests for everything above AND select VOCs, SOCs, and Disinfection Byproducts

Perfect for Wells and Springs, Criterion’s Drinking Water Test protects your home with laboratory-backed results. Our scientists carefully analyze samples for strategically selected parameters and contaminants. Our laboratory maintains expertise and state-of-the-art equipment for environmental chemistry, microbiology, and drinking water analysis.

Sample collection is simple, and Criterion will ship you everything you need! Simply freeze an ice pack, fill the prepared bottles, complete the paperwork, and ship the container back to our laboratory!

Picking up and Dropping off and the test kit at our lab will save the shipping fee. If shipped, your test kit will be delivered in a cooler containing: sample collection media (bottles), ice pack, sampling instructions, chain of custody form, and a return shipping label. The samples must be overnighted back to our laboratory on Monday-Thursday.

Upon receipt of the Test kit, place the ice pack in the freezer for at least 4 hours.
Some bottles contain small amounts of preservatives. Do not rinse bottles before collecting the samples.
Samples should be refrigerated immediately after collection.