Asbestos lab testing asbestos insulation, asbestos tile, and asbestos bulk materials using EPA 600 r 93 116 and EPA 600/r-93116

Criterion’s lab is accredited for Asbestos analysis in Air, Water, and Bulk Building Materials. Our lab specializes in PLM analysis for Asbestos using EPA Method 600 R 93 116 (600/R-93/116) and PCM analysis for Airborne Fiber Counting using NIOSH Method 7400.

Homeowners: Are you concerned about asbestos in your home? Criterion’s EPA-certified asbestos inspectors can come to your residence and collect samples of any suspected material to be tested by our laboratory. You can also collect samples yourself and either mail them in or drop them off at Criterion Labs, located just outside of Philadelphia.

For more information about inspections and sample collection, see our Asbestos Field Services.

Criterion’s asbestos testing lab provides the following analyses:

  • PLM (Polarized Light Microscopy) EPA 600/R-93/116
  • EPA Point Count (400 & 1000 Points)
  • PLM Gravimetric Analysis US EPA 600/R-93/116
  • PLM Vermiculite
  • PLM Sediment Analysis – EPA Superfund Site
  • Asbestos by XRD- EPA 600 Friable & Non-friable Bulk Qualitative
  • Asbestos by XRD- EPA 600 Friable & Non-friable Bulk Quantitative
  • EPA 600/R-04/004 – Weight % Asbestos in Vermiculite
  • PCM (Phase Contrast Microscopy) AIR – NIOSH 7400 A&B Counting Rules
  • TEM – Asbestos AIR- AHERA
  • TEM – Asbestos AIR- EPA Level 2 & Level 2 Modified
  • TEM – Asbestos AIR- NIOSH 7402 (TEM)
  • TEM – Asbestos BULK- ASTM, Surface Dust
  • TEM – Asbestos BULK- TEM Bulk, Semi-Quantitative Bulk Building Material

For more information, visit the EPA’s website on Asbestos.

Interested in knowing which common building materials may contain asbestos? Visit Your At Home Team’s page to discover where asbestos hides in homes (and what to do if you find it).