Mold problems are almost exclusively caused by moisture intrusion.  Criterion’s Field Services can assist in solving these problems with moisture source detection using moisture meters and Infrared Thermography.  Fungi (mold) and other microbiologicals can be quantitatively measured and identified using various sampling techniques such as Anderson 6-stage or 1-stage impactor samplers for air sampling for bacteria (including Legionella spp) and Fungi (mold) Air-O-Cell cassettes.

Environmental Monitoring capabilities for Microbiological Evaluations performed by our Field include:

  • Mold – including Aspergillis and Stackybotrys
  • Legionella in water, air, and soil
  • Bacteria
  • Bacterial Endotoxins
  • Viable and non-viable spore monitoring
  • Allergens – including dust mites, cockroach, dog, cat, rat, mouse etc.
  • Sampling matrices include air, storm-water, wastewater, drinking water, soil and water

Criterion’s Field Services offers comprehensive testing in a wide variety of sample matrices. We provide testing services for environmental, biotechnology, healthcare, offices, schools, industrial and residential. These services include detection, isolation, identification and confirmation of microbial organisms.

The breadth of our testing services is unique in that we monitor all environmental matrices and have experience in a vast array of published testing methodologies.  Criterion, as part of our quality assurance plan, participates in the EMPAT (Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing) Program.