Criterion’s Field Staff conducts surveys for lead in paint, dust, soil and water.  For paint, dust and soil, lead content can be determined either on-site using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry or in our accredited lab.  Lead in water can be returned to our accredited Environmental Lead Laboratory for analysis.

Criterion’s expert Field Services Staff will recommend, if necessary, solutions to keep kids safe and bring you into compliance.  Philadelphia’s Lead Paint Disclosure and Certification regulation is within our capabilities.

Since Criterion does not perform mitigation or abatement service, you can rely on us to provide the most cost effective solutions if there is a problem.

Our Industrial Hygienists can keep you in compliance with the Federal OSHA Construction and General Industry standards.  Personnel Monitoring, Health and Safety Plans and OSHA mandated training are all within the capabilities of Criterion’s Field Services Team.

Talk to Criterion (Free!) or risk throwing away money on unnecessary or ineffective abatement.