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Avoid ingesting or inhaling Lead! Excessive exposure to lead is a health hazard. Buildings and homes constructed before 1978 often contain lead-based paint. If you suspect your property has lead-based paint and you notice worn or damaged painted areas, consider calling our professional lead inspectors. Our lead testing and lead paint inspection professionals will determine the more cost effective testing solution for your home. Criterion’s fast and responsive lead inspectors and accredited laboratory partner together to give you the lowest prices and fastest turn-around-time achievable.

Professional Lead Risk Inspection

Inspecting your home’s painted surfaced for lead hazards to answer the following questions:

  • Does my home have lead-based paint?
  • If so, where is the lead paint?

Professional Lead Risk Assessment

Inspecting your home or building for lead hazards

  • A complete lead paint inspection
  • A lead risk assessment that tells you of any sources of serious lead exposure. It also tells you what remediation is necessary to address the issues.

Philadelphia Landlords: Do you need a Lead Paint Inspection for a Lead-Free or Lead-Safe Certification? Criterion provides lead testing and lead inspection services to bring your rental property into compliance with Philadelphia’s lead paint law and tenant advisory. This law requires rental properties to receive a lead-safe certification, which requires wipe testing for lead dust. Criterion’s Lead Inspectors, Lead Risk Assessors, and EPA-certified lead dust sampling technicians help with lead-safe and lead-free compliance with Philadelphia’s Rental Property Lead Certification Law!

Landlords in Philadelphia must test and certify that their rental properties are “Lead-Safe” (or Lead-Free if a child age 6 or under lives there).
Click here for more information from The City of Philadelphia.

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