For over 12 years, Criterion conducted comprehensive hazardous materials assessments/ inspections and re-inspections of buildings and facilities for the US Department of HHS using FOH criteria and AHERA guidelines. These were performed at Social Security facilities in the states of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia and West Virginia, New York as well as the territory of Puerto Rico and at the National Historical Park Services buildings in Valley Forge, PA, Harpers Ferry, WV and Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, PA.

Criterion’s services included review of architectural and “as built” plans, work change orders and other records for the specifications of any materials which may contain asbestos; inspecting for friable materials, and materials or products likely to contain asbestos; develop sampling plan for bulk sampling; collecting samples and analyze for asbestos; perform visual inspections and collect information on the condition and location of asbestos-containing material (ACM) and on other characteristics of the building which may affect the likelihood that ACM’s may be disturbed and fibers released and distributed; evaluate results, interpret data, and prepare written reports according to FOH guidelines.

Criterion also conducted a complete lead-based paint inspection of the exterior of various historical buildings in Valley Forge Historical Park. The purpose of the survey was to provide Valley Forge National Historical Park locations of lead-based paint on the exterior of these buildings for planned renovations and remodeling. Soil samples relating to the planned renovations and remodeling were also taken.

For those buildings where asbestos was found, Criterion also performed quality assurance air monitoring, documenting that projects were accomplished in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, and the prepared site work plan; on-site evaluations of work in progress, maintained daily reports of progress, as well as a description of procedures employed by the contractor; provided pre-test, post-test, and quality assurance air monitoring during the asbestos removal/repair projects documenting that air levels met the criteria as required by FOH guidelines.