1. 14-Year-Old McDonald’s Hamburger Shows No Sign of Rotting or Mold

    An American man claims to have a 14-year old McDonald's Hamburger that shows no signs of rotting or mold except for the pickle, which has decomposed, reports Business Insider.

    A Utah...

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  2. Parents find lead in daughter’s lip gloss, warn others


    All Iowa children are required to be tested for lead poisoning before entering kindergarten.

    Lead poisoning is most common in kids under age six, and can have serious...

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  3. Consumer study finds lead in baby food

    Baby food and packaged fruit contain lead levels that warrant a toxic warning label, an investigation by the Oakland-based Environmental Law Foundation found.

    The foundation tested 1,500 samples of...

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  4. Lead Poisoning Toll is 1 in 38 Young Kids

    An estimated 535,000 young children in the United States have harmful levels of lead in their bodies, putting them at risk of lost intelligence, attention disorders and other life-long health problems,...

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