1. Is There Lead in Your House?

    The neurotoxic element may be lurking in your pipes, window frames—even garden plants. What to look out for, especially if you have kids crawling around.

    The City of Philadelphia...

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  2. United Nations Global Mercury Treaty

    The fifth and final session of the International Negotiating Committee to prepare a global legally binding instrument on mercury (INC5) is taking place January 13-18 in Geneva, Switzerland. Established...

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  3. Found in Common Household Products

    On January 4, EPA released draft risk assessments, for particular uses, on five chemicals found in common household products for public comment. The agency addressed the following chemicals:

  4. Fall 2012 Regulatory Agenda Released

    On December 24, the federal government finally released its fall 2012 semiannual regulatory agenda, the first official statement of the government’s rulemaking priorities in a year. Required by law to...

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  5. Philadelphia’s new Lead Paint Disclosure and Certification Rule (Chapter 6-800)

    City of Philadelphia Bill No. 100011-A, an ordinance, was passed on December 15, 2011 and signed by the Mayor on December 21, 2011.

    Landlords have had one (1) year to comply (December 21, 2012). Fines...

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  6. Sandy Volunteers facing same risks as 9/11

    Volunteers and workers cleaning up the devastated regions flooded by Hurricane Sandy are facing dangerous mold and asbestos contamination, which could cause illness and litigation if they do not properly...

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